Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Luke's Pizza Company

Luke’s, Luke’s, how do I love thee? Let me count 5 of the ways:

1. That Chicken Modena Salad. Big hunks of white meat chicken moistened with a creamy glaze, nestled on fresh greens, sidled next to roasted sweet peppers, olives and topped with chopped pistachios. Thank you for allowing me to pretend that I’m being good by ordering a salad instead of the lasagna.

2. That Antipasto Salad. So much meat!!! An Italian cold cut lovers dream. Plus you throw in some eggplant slices, roasted rep peppers and soft, fresh mozzarella just to put it over the top.

3. That Sweet Italian Pizza – sweet sausage, caramelized onions, roasted peppers served sizzling hot on some pretty doggone decent pizza crust.

4. Those Foccacia Rounds – perfect for every single party I’m invited to where I’m instructed to bring an appetizer. The spinach and gorgonzola foccacia was a favorite – and not just with the vegetarians. And back to you cold cut lovers – imagine a circle of herb seasoned foccacia, piled, and I mean piled, with Italian meats, sliced neatly into diamonds and drizzled with Mike’s vinaigrette.

5. That fried artichoke appetizer. If you go there and don’t order this – something is seriously wrong with you. I don’t care if you’re no-carb, low-carb, low-fat, slow fat – these little nibbles are worth cheating for. Halved artichoke hearts are lightly coated and flash fried. The resulting morsels are hot and crispy on the outside while remaining soft and artichokey (yes, that is a word)-on the inside. As a bonus, they are served with a nice garlic aioli (don’t breathe on anyone)

On the surface, Luke’s appears to be one of those run of the mill little take-out places that dot the landscape of strip shopping centers all over this country. But don’t let its outward appearance fool you!

All ordering is done at the walk-up counter. You can choose to eat on-site at one of the few tables available at the Crestwood location. (no tables at the Spring Ridge location). Or, as most do, you can take your goodies home with you. Although, when I took my pizza home, the crust had already gotten soggy. Better to eat it there so you get the full benefit of the great pie.

The folks working behind the counter are exceptional. I am always treated as if they are genuinely happy to see me and are anxious to find out what I want to order! Service can sometimes be a bit slow , especially when they are backed up with phoned in orders.

Take the kids – this is definitely a friendly, moderately priced spot for the family.

Luke’s Pizza Company

6942 Crestwood Blvd.
Crestwood Plaza
Frederick, Md 21703

Phone: 301.668.2424

Spring Ridge Location:

9009C Old Baltimore Pike
Frederick, MD 21704

Phone: 301.418.6328 | Fax: 301.418.6331


Dining Diva said...

Just an update to my previous review. THough I am still a fan of Luke's, I have to say that their outpost near Spring Ridge hasn't been as spot-on as the Crestwood location. The food tastes reheated rather than prepared to order. The salads sometimes are missing ingredients - or taste as if the lettuce wasn't as fresh as could be.

I'm still a fan - but not quite a enthusiastic.

cinnamazon said...

I am heartbroken about the Lukes at Crestwood closing. It was always my go-to place. Now where will I go when I need a Modena fix??

Dining Diva said...

Well, we used to be able to get the modena at Proof - but that's out of the picture, too!!

Somebody must have that recipe... probably Michael Tauraso since he was affiliated with both Lukes & Proof...

Maybe he'll start offering it at the Tasting Room!

Bama Mom said...

Did you ever get the recipe? I still dream about this salad

Dining Diva of Boca said...

Never got the recipe :-((