Sunday, July 8, 2007

Marsala's Is So FINE (except for the wine!)

The review below was written a few years ago. Sadly, I no longer can recommend Marsala's. The last few times we have gone the food just hasn't lived up to its past reputation. It's quite unfortunate as we had some very good meals there.

If you still are interested, here's what I wrote a few years back:

I can, admittedly, be quite a fussy diner to please. I expect my food to be well prepared, served at the proper temperature, correctly seasoned, and worth the dollars I plunk down for it. Often, I am disheartened by the meals I order in restaurants.

But, every now and then, I unearth a gem. A rare ruby in a sea of cubic zirconium. And I found my latest gem at Marsala’s in Walkersville. Oh, how my mouth waters just thinking of the magic owner/chef Emilio creates. Appetizers prepared to order - actually served hot enough that you have to let them cool for a few moments before you can begin to savor them! And the entrees – wow. From the classics to the eclectic, Emilio definitely knows what he’s doing.

I have loved every single entrée I have had the pleasure of ordering at Marsala’s. Romano chicken sautéed to perfection, enrobed in a delicate crust and served over perfectly seasoned pasta, traditional lasagna so rich you want to stop eating but you can’t because it’s so delicious that you are physically unable to resist, eggplant parmesan made of thick slices turned velvety by his deft hand in the sauté pan.

The food is truly delectable. If you have been frequenting the dime-a-dozen “found in every town in America” Italian joints – then you owe your tastebuds a trip to Marsalas. Why buy fake when you can get the real deal?

The only flaw in this little gem of a restaurant is the meager wine selection. I do like a nice glass of chardonnay or pinot noir with my meal. Alas, the wine choice here is abysmal. I wish he would open a nice bottle that would truly complement his amazing food.

My only other concern is that often, we are the only diners there. Although I appreciate the individual service we get as the sole customers, I wish that more folks would venture beyond those ubiquitous cookie-cutter “dressing from a bottle” restaurants and come experience what good Italian really tastes like. We will all gain when we allow this diamond of a find to sparkle and enjoy the success it deserves.


Cathi said...

I am looking forward to trying Marsala's. It has been on our "go to" list for a while now. Your comments will spur me on to go soon. About the wine, I too, like a nice glass preferably Merot with my meal. I wonder if they allow you to bring your own and then just charge a corking fee? Cathi

Mia said...

Some of us who have lived in Walkersville for many many years remember that location as the corner gas station. And I will not eat there after having seen the kitchen area. That is why you don't see many people eating there.

RDVIDEO said...

My wife and I ate at Marsala's because it was in our Entertainment book. Even though one of our sons had eaten there and did not care for the ambiance or the food, we decided to give it a try anyway.

Well, I am always suspicious of a lack of cars and other diners but went inside anyway.

It did not appear very clean (windows, table tops, etc.) and after we ordered, the food was a disapointment.

Would not reccomend this place to anyone.