Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Fajita Grande - Once grand, Now Bland

A note from the Diva, added on July 11th.... Though I used to love it, Fajita Grande has let me down lately. The food has gone from bright and sassy to kind of mushy and muddy. I am still very much enjoying the margaritas - especially if Sam custom blends one for me. But, I'm afraid I'm not the fan I once was..

In fact, the last visit was especially disappointing. The Chile Rellenos were not made from whole chiles - rather, there seemed to be strips of chiles kind of placed haphazardly in the batter. Could barely taste them - mostly tasted like egg & flour. Ugh.

I have been back 2 more times since the chile relleno fiasco. They have not improved. Thus, sadly, I am removing my earlier laudatory posting and review....


al said...

Spent 3 years in San Antonio Saw your review of Fajita Grande, the one thing I thing we agreed on were the Margrita’s.
Fajita Grande
1) Baja Shrimp: not bad, best app. On menu
2) Fajita’s: pretty sad, beef not grilled, it appears to have been sliced and tossed in a cold sauté pan, beef comes out looking like it had been steamed or braised.
3) Shrimp Ranchero: very sad, vegetables, overcooked and mushy, dish was drowning in sauce.
4) Chili Reno’s: my favorite tex-mex dish, they make it with canned chili’s not fresh, the owner had the chutzpah to tell me that the canned were better than fresh chili’s.

Casa Rico: Rt. 40 West at Waverly Drive, nasty, poor at best

Mexicalli Cantina: 467 W. Patrick St. The best tex-mex I’ve found in Frederick.

Anonymous said...

When I drove by Fajita Grande, I thought it was some kind of fast food place because of the signage. But then I stopped in for lunch one day. I was happy to discover that the food was all freshly prepared -- not pre-fab or frozen, and not bland and blah like the over-hyped, overpriced fare at La Paz. My husband is very picky, and this is one of the only restaurants he likes. He likes the chimichangas and the fajitas. I like the tequila chicken, the tamales, and the smothered burritos. I grew up in Colorado, where there are plenty of excellent, authentic Mexican restaurants, so I consider myself a connoisseur. We've tried other Mexican restaurants around town, but we always come back to Fajita Grande. Not a lot of people even know it's there, so there's never a wait. Plus, they have recently expanded. P.S. Val-Pak often has FG coupons.

Dining Diva said...

The only time I have had to wait was on Valentines Day. We went there for a couple of reasons. First, we love it there. And, second - we figured..who would go for tex-mex on Valentines day?? Well.. as it turns out...lots of people! We had about a 30 minute wait for a table - and then a pretty long wait for the food.

I think that they were surprised by the popularity.

I'm glad people are discovering it, though. It's been fairly hopping the last few times we were in there.

Silvergirl said...

I have not eaten here yet, but will try it based on your review and let you know.

As for me, my favorite restaurant is in Utah, but I live here in Frederick, so I have to wait to go back there some day.

Dining Diva said...

Although the margaritas are still fabulous - the food isn't as good as it once was.Don't know if they are rushing, saving, economizing . But our last 3 visits have had a least one disappointment.

Last night - the fajitas were about the least Tex-Mexican ones I've had in a long time.

Could be that we will have to resort to only ordering margaritas chips & salsa unless something changes....