Sunday, April 26, 2015

Yes, Please! The Cheese Course in Mizner Park

The Cheese Course
Mizner Park 
305 Plaza Real
Boca Raton, FL 33432

p. 561-395-4354

Not sure why we walked past this little spot so many times without stopping in for a bite. My mistake!

We frequently saw people sitting out at the tables having a glass of wine and a little cheese and assumed that it was just a cheese shop that sold wine. Well, it is a cheese shop. And they do sell wine. But they are much more than that entails.

 The menu is not extensive, consists of a variety of cheese platters, salads and sandwiches. But each item is crafted well. The sandwiches are large (find a friend to share) and the ingredients are fresh, flavorful and pair well together. I've tried three and they were all worth the carbs!

 Salads are also interesting and the dressings, which they will serve on the side without rolling their eyes - (in Boca, dressing on the side is de rigeur) are home made and zesty. Plus you can make substitutions to the ingredient list to suit whatever mood you are in. Don't like goat cheese? They'll suggest a similarly creamy blue for you. Don't like feta? They'll give you a nice salty crumbly cheese that still makes the salad work.

 The staff members will recommend appropriate wine or beer to complement your menu selection, and the prices are more than reasonable - especially for Boca!

Feeling uneducated about which cheese to order? Not to worry...not only will they help you pick out what you might like based on your preferences, they have samples out for you to try and they offer tastings and classes to educate your palate.

Sandwich and salad portions are generous. But be warned, the cheese platters tend more toward the delicate side than the slab of deliciousness you might expect. If you're sharing a standard platter and you're not dining with a vegan, it's almost a certainty that there will be a squabble over the last nibbles.

On Thursday evenings be sure to stop by for the "Siply Thursday" promtoion: $3 glasses of house wine and $9 bottles.  Curiously, they seem to have an employee turnover issue and we often have to inform the cashier of existence of the "Siply Thursday" promotion. They  seem oddly perplexed.

Confusion notwithstanding, it's a lovely and budget friendly way to spend happy hour with a few friends. Sampling a platter of interesting , unusual cheeses paired with the perfect beverage.

 Seating is available both inside and out. On a nice evening, it's nice to sit at the large communal picnic table and strike up a conversation with some other folks that have discovered the joy of this little shop.

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