Sunday, April 26, 2015

Kapow - Almost Wowed

Kapow Noodle Bar
(561) 347-7322 ‎
Boca Raton, FL 33432
431 Plaza Real • Mizner Park

I tried, really I did. I've been four times. I've sampled at least 4 different dishes with each visit and have imbibed in a variety of beverages.

The food was definitely tasty - bold flavors and interesting combinations. Nothing was bad, nothing was terrible. But ... there was nothing phenomenal. Nothing that made me want to bring friends to try that one special dish.

Maybe it was just too fusion-y for me. There is definitely a blurring of the lines across ethnic cooking styles.  For me though, I guess I just prefer Chinese food to taste Chinese, Malay food to taste Malay and Korean to taste Korean. The food flavors here are robust, they just didn't seem authentic to me.

Table service was sometimes amazing and wasn't. On one occasion, my SO and I, both of us having left our youth far behind, were ignored for so long even after requesting assistance that we eventually gave up and dined elsewhere. 

BUT..on my last two visits it was clear that the quality of service had improved dramatically. In fact, just a few weeks ago my 20 something daughter and I had a multi-course happy hour there and were delighted with the level of attention we received.  Young male servers ensured that we had everything we could possibly need. Hmm.... I'm not saying that having a 20-something dining companion helped but...

Always Bring One of These To Ensure Excellent Service!

Of course I would absolutely go again if friends wanted to dine there. I enjoyed the food, I just wasn't Kapowed.

By the way - I do realize I'm in the minority here, but I do feel that I gave it a fair shot and I am expressing my personal opinion. Yours, obviously, may vary!

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