Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Diva Takes Flight....

Well, my friends - I haven't posted in quite a while. No excuses other than...I've moved to Florida! So... though I shall retain the self-annointed moniker of Dining Diva of Frederick... I am actually going to have to be the Dining Diva of Boca Raton. Which is a joke in a way, because I'm pretty darn sure that just about everybody in Boca is a Diva, and many of them dining ones at that.

 I'm in the midst of a culinary bar crawl through the happy hours of Mizner Park. Quite an adventure and a drain on the pocketbook if you don't pay attention. However - I have found the "Ladies Drink Free" evenings and the "Food Half-Off" venues. So rest assured that I will share these findings with you. 

And, in case you were wondering, I still plan on being discriminating in the food selection. Half off terrible food will still not make the grade. At any rate, I will fill you in as I continue to sample the goodies of South Florida... Snowbird heading south.......... flap flap flap

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